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Slots Strategy: The Truth About Slot Strategies 2022

Do you want to make better money wins on slots? Today we would like to introduce you to a few secret slot machine tricks that we have tested in the real world. Also, we will explain to you which strategies do not make sense.

Are there online slot tricks that are based on a certain winning cycle?

You are wondering if there is a certain winning cycle that animates slot machines to spit out faster and better proceeds. Unfortunately, we have to inform you that slot machines cannot be manipulated. Moreover, everything is based on a random principle. It is no longer possible to trick a casino game. In the past, it was partially feasible.

Again and again the rumor goes around that players should go by the hot and cold principle. This is only possible with classic machines in online casinos, because real machines work here. Sit down at a casino machine that just became free, the winning possibilities are supposedly higher. So they say. Unfortunately, the rumor is not true, because these machines also work at random.

Whether the machine is cold or warm, completely irrelevant. The slot game can not be influenced, because everything runs automatically at random. The only thing that can be changed is your own lucky streak. If you get this going, then you are also entitled to luck. The slot itself, in any case, cannot be manipulated.

Does a slot machine change bring anything?

Does a slot machine change bring anything

You want to know whether a slot machine change will bring anything. It does not make a technical difference if you switch. However, if you have the feeling that a change makes sense, then do it. Your own gut feeling is worth a lot and every gambler should listen to it. Especially when it comes to gambling.

Again, everything happens by chance. A machine change can already bring something, especially if the player believes in it. As is well known, faith moves mountains. If you are always lucky with this strategy, you can of course do it. However, the machine itself does not recognize that a new lucky player is now sitting in front of you.

If you think that you have absolutely no more luck on the old box, you should stop. Your gut feeling is seldom deceiving, so you should aim for a change or even better, stop playing. If you play for a long time, you will develop your own feeling for the game. Listen to your inner voice and you will have a better chance. This theory is not yet proven, nor does it work 100%. However, mind power is conceivable, as many people already confirm. However, the belief in high amounts of money is usually blocked, therefore playing and believing in the casino is not so easy after all. Tip: Use the casino games to improve their mental fitness. Who knows, perhaps your thoughts may well change your lucky streak.

Sudden victories are also noticeable when the machine has better odds than the other. That is, the odds are higher, accordingly, the chances increase. We would like to talk about the RTP later.

Can slot machines in online casinos be manipulated to generate higher revenues?

No, online casino machines cannot be influenced because they run randomly. Not even the casino operators themselves have any influence on it. Everything runs through the provider, only the game operator can access values in the games.

In the past, it was conceivable to influence casino machines. There were various tricks for this. Even online, this was still feasible at the beginning of the Internet, where no one knew what a hacker was actually doing. One method of this was “phreaking” , which only work offline. Manipulating slot machines with a cell phone was conceivable at that time.

Users looked for a diode in the device to pretend to be an administrator. This allowed the connection to be cracked and real money to be dusted off. Even if this trick still works for one or another slot machine game, you should never forget the video cameras and security of the casinos, which always keep an eye on their users.

Also, the wire manipulation was used with pleasure. Here, a fine-meshed wire was inserted into the slot, and with it, the betting display could be changed. The slot machine was already manipulated. Instead of €5, the display suddenly showed €50.

In the meantime, this is no longer possible. The security measures have been tightened. Every provider now resembles a high-security wing. Manipulation does not work. There are also no cheats that you can use in the slots game. Sometimes people sell instructions on how to manipulate casino games on the Internet. The only winners are the sellers of the instructions, because these people take money from ignorant people.

There is no manual in the world that reveals any tricks, because none exist. Books about the “law of attraction” could possibly help who believes in it. But even there, it takes a lot of discipline to influence an automaton. We have not tested these methods live because they are all illegal. You shouldn’t dare either because that means a direct ticket to jail.

Do magnets influence the reels of classic slot machines?

reels of classic slot machines

In the past, magnets were used to influence the reels of slot machines. At the time, when there was no surveillance and simple slot machines, it was feasible. Nowadays it is not, because securities are waiting everywhere and the machines work digitally.

A trick that was used with pleasure is the use of a magnet at Merkur and Novoline games – only in the gambling hall and not in the online casino.

In earlier times – mostly before Book of Ra – there were still parts with a considerable amount of metal in the slot machine game. Thus, you could physically influence the reels with a magnet. At least that’s the legend.

Today, this does not work with slot machines, roulette and other famous games of chance, because casino games are no longer mechanical, but digital. Accordingly, a system with a magnet cannot spark.

Of course, nowadays there will still be people who swear by the good old magnet and claim that you can get heaps of real money with it, but you don’t have to pay attention to these people at all.

Rather, find high-quality slot machines at the online casino or game store – that will help you a lot more at the end of the day.

Are the risk ladder tricks for Merkur slot machines still of any use?

Gamblers can try this trick if they want to. There is no guarantee of winning. The risk game in the slot is also based on a random principle, but some believe that they can predict exactly when the risk ladder will stop. Try it, it can’t hurt.

Still quite popular are also the tricks for the risk ladder in Merkur and similar slots.

To get the maximum profit, you should probably pay attention to 3 things:

  • The flashing
  • The sounds
  • The rhythm

The risk ladder is an additional game that becomes active when you win. The player has a 50-50 chance of climbing up a rung on the ladder or falling down a rung.

This is basically about timing. Because whoever presses the button at the right time climbs up. However, this is not so easy, which is why users look for ways to crack the system – with tricks or something similar.

The truth is that slot machine software always runs randomly. Some features, such as the risk ladder, are just for show. That is, no matter how you click, the outcome is already fixed.

Try it for free if you don’t believe it. But note that some casinos do not play with the same algorithm – that is, casinos usually show their slot games in free mode from the best side.

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