healthy lifestyle


A crisp workout, no more using electrical appliances before bed, and “me-time Monday”: living healthier does not have to mean turning your whole life upside down. You still will have time to play Bizzo Casino. Simple tips from the Lifestyle editorial team for a more conscious everyday life.

20 minutes of exercise to wake up

Yes, it sounds nerdy, but the first thing to do before sitting down at your desk is 20 minutes of yoga or a light home workout to really get going and loosen up muscles that are still drowsy. If you have enough energy for a fitness program, you turn on “MadFit,” which specializes in unassisted, no-jumping workouts. 


healthy lifestyle

Abstinence or abstinence en masse is, in my eyes, a good guiding principle for moving toward a healthier lifestyle. Less or nothing at all of all the “bad” things, such as alcohol, sugar or cell phones, which often make everyday life a little more pleasant, is not entirely healthy in the long run, however. What you can never get enough of in a hectic work life, however, is healthy nutrition and sleep. To strengthen my immune system for the demanding autumn days, dietary supplements like the oat mother tincture “Avena sativa” (for energy), “zinc C” lozenges and occasionally a propolis spagyric spray help me.

But the only thing that helps against sleep deprivation is better sleep hygiene – and we have that in our own hands. To prepare myself for the hectic pre-Christmas season, you are now trying out something new: detoxifying foot patches from traditional Chinese medicine, which you stick under the soles of your feet before going to bed. The pads are supposed to help with regeneration overnight and remove negative substances through the feet. The effect is supposed to be vitalizing. You should be curious about these lavender foot pads. This blend of pure, natural ingredients – in addition to soothing lavender, it also contains purifying tourmaline, skin-clearing bamboo vinegar and antiseptic peppermint – is said to support sleep and promises a rested morning.


Of course, getting enough sleep helps combat fatigue. However, the earlier onset of darkness and the cold, which is nevertheless slowly approaching, gnaws additionally on the energies. Especially in the cold season, people therefore like to reach for food supplements with vitamins. you can always be somewhat skeptical about them. Their effect is controversial, and you do not live healthier through a cocktail of pills – even if they are of natural origin.

But do not worry if you can not include all of these tips in your routine. They are here for you to stress less, not more. There are different external factors impacting our daily lives. Be aware of them. 

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