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9 tips to get rich with soccer betting

Of course, you can hope to get rich one day with the lotto. But tell me honestly … how much did you win all those times you bought a lottery ticket? Probably not that much. Chances are you’ve spent more money on lotteries in all those years than you’ve won. Therefore, this type of gambling game is purely about luck. And that while it is much more interesting when you yourself have an influence on the game. With soccer betting, you are in control. You determine the bet, the stake and you look for the highest odds. Moreover, your soccer knowledge ensures that winning a bet is not a matter of luck. Don’t expect to become a millionaire overnight with soccer betting. Still, you can make a nice amount of money. With these 9 tips, you just might become rich….

Tip 1: Understand how bookmakers work

In every bet there are two parties: you and the bookmaker. Only if you know how bookmakers work can you beat them.

In the gambling world, so-called odds compilers are responsible for determining the odds. They base this purely on the facts. And that’s the way you should look at a match, too. Immerse yourself in the statistics, follow current sports news and make a thorough assessment of the match. Exactly as the odds compilers do. This is the only way to win the battle with any regularity.

Tip 2: Combine bets for extra high profits

If you have little experience betting on soccer, it is best to start with a single bet. You then enter into one bet at a time and win or lose it. Clear enough.

To get rich with soccer betting, high odds are crucial. A combination bet is a smart way to increase profits. You then bet on multiple matches at the same time, and you have to win each bet. In return, the odds of all the matches are multiplied by each other. Suppose you combine three bets, where the odds are 1.29, 1.72 and 2.50. Because of the multiplication, each euro wagered is worth an amount of €5.54. Choose wisely, though. The risk of losing one of the bets (and thus the total bet) is relatively high.

Tip 3: Probability is your best friend

Probability is your best friend

Probability is an essential factor in soccer betting. The bookmaker makes an estimate of the match and adjusts the odds accordingly. You also estimate the match and see if the probability of something happening matches the bookmaker’s odds. Probability, then, simply shows you the value of a bet.

The most successful gamblers swear by value betting. Suppose you are standing in front of a T-junction and you don’t know whether your friends in the other car turned left or right. Then you still have a 50% chance of being right. If we convert this percentage into odds, we arrive at (100/50 =) 2.00. When you estimate the probability at 50% while the odds are higher than 2.00, you have found value.

Value betting requires the necessary gambling experience and of course expertise in soccer. Let’s say you go for the match between Heerenveen (odds 1.51) and Sparta (odds 6.35). Is it then smart to bet your money on Sparta? According to the bookmaker, no. But after delving into the match, you might expect Heerenveen to have a 66% chance of winning and Sparta to still have a 17% chance. According to these percentages, odds should come out at 1.51 and 5.88. So for value bettors, betting on Sparta is definitely interesting.

Tip 4: Follow a fixed strategy and focus on the long term

In lotteries, you can get rich overnight if you win the jackpot. Do you prefer to set your sights on soccer betting? Then accept that you are in it for the long haul. The €100 you might bet on a match simply won’t yield thousands of euros immediately.

Because you are going for the long term, it is important to stick to a good strategy. This really doesn’t have to be an ingeniously devised plan. Rules like “I bet 1/50 of my betting budget per bet” or “I only deal with the Draw No Bet bet type” will give you enough of a handle to proceed in a structured manner. In the end, following a set strategy pays off. This is largely because you don’t listen to your emotions, but to your mind.

Tip 5: Keep your composure at all times

Speaking of emotions … gambling makes soccer games so exciting that you are tempted to make crazy jumps. You had agreed with yourself that you wouldn’t bet more than €200 today. But you lose a few bets and you get frustrated. Listening to your emotion, you bet more money anyway to compensate for the loss. And therein you distinguish a recreational gambler from a professional. The latter group always knows how to keep calm, no matter what the circumstances are. If you react to emotion, you’re guaranteed to take a loss.

Tip #6: Every bet is a new bet

Suppose you bet on a match between Manchester City and Liverpool and the home team manages to win convincingly. Then you might be tempted to bet on a win for Manchester again next time. But is it wise to rigidly build on previous successes? The answer is no. A lot can happen in the intervening period, even if only a few days. So look at each bet as a separate bet. That means delving back into the statistics and seeing what the current soccer news brings. Pay attention to the home team’s advantage, injuries, the form the players are in and so on.

You have to let go of positive past experiences as well as the negative ones. It may happen that you lose two, three or maybe even four bets in a row. Don’t lose heart and consider each bet as a new opportunity. That way you will naturally get back into a positive flow.

Tip 7: Take a closer look at smaller teams and leagues

smaller teams and leagues

If you choose purely by feeling, you are probably going for an important match. The European Championship, World Cup, the Champions League and blockbusters from the bigger soccer leagues attract a lot of bettors. And of course the bookies know that too. The value goes down, making this exciting match suddenly not so attractive anymore. We therefore advise you to look into the smaller leagues and matches that are less highly regarded. Here you can make a big difference.

Tip 8: Compare the odds with different bookmakers

By now you know how odds are determined. But you should also know that there is not just one group of odds compilers who then pass on the odds to all bookmakers. Especially the larger bookmakers themselves employ people who take on this task. This means that different odds can automatically be found at different betting shops.

By the way, this difference does not only arise because the odds compilers just make a different estimate of the match. Competition plays at least as important a role. For example, some bookmakers by default choose to go above average so that more and more players will bet with them. Per match and bet, it also varies which bookmaker offers the highest odds. So it pays to create accounts at two or three bookmakers and thus choose the best party for your bet.

Tip 9: Don’t be tempted by unreasonably high odds

The fact is, the higher the odds, the higher the winnings. It is very tempting to pick a bet that has 5.00 or preferably an even higher number behind it. You just have to always ask yourself whether it is actually realistic that you will win the bet.

For a Bundesliga match between Bayern Munich and TSG Hoffenheim (2017/2018 season), Betsson shows the following figures for a standard 1×2 bet: (1) 1.20, (x) 7.55, (2) 12.50. Normally Bayern is already the big favorite, but the home advantage provides even more confidence in the club. Just imagine what a big hit you could make if you bet on a win for TSG Hoffenheim. One problem: they would have to manage to score more often than the Munich side. With such high odds, the chances of that happening are pretty slim, according to the bookmakers. Combination betting can also be a pitfall. Always try to find a good balance between the possible profit amount and the risk you run of winning the bet. The golden mean is often the best choice.

After reading these 9 tips, have you already got a good idea of how you are going to handle it? And do you think you have what it takes to win big money with soccer betting? Then find a bookmaker, create an account and show them what you can do!

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